Beyond the 3 Dimensions

We design and 3D print objects made from plastic materials

Our 3D printing service is aimed at all those who want to create a prototype and / or a series of pieces possibly divided into customized batches.

Our goal is to allow our customers to carry out their project with innovative techniques, allowing them to optimize: times, costs and performance according to their needs, establishing a relationship in person.


We have 20 FDM printers with different sizes and specializations.

The maximum size that can be reached for a single print is 60x60x60 cm

Some of these machines to eliminate defects or specialize them in a specific field have been modified or redesigned by us.

Design and modifications

We offer, if required, a design service or file modifications, both for mechanical and artistic needs, with optimization for FDM printing.


We offer tailor-made solutions, based on our experience and specific targeted tests, to best satisfy the requests that are placed on us.

Precisely because we want to fulfill these requests in the best possible way, we offer a very wide range of both materials and colors.

2000 parts

Our production capacity allows us to offer a production that reaches 2000 pieces of medium size per month.

Some of our projects

Have you got a project to print or an idea to realize?

Materials and Colours

Our 3D printing service offers a wide range of materials, shades, and effects available on the market: PLA, ABS, ASA, PET, PETG, CPE, rubbers (TPU, TPE, TPC), wood fiber, carbon, Nylon, metallic PLA, PC (Polycarbonate ), PP (Polypropylene), HIPS, and many others including the latest news.